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Kristiane Heidrich

Lactation Consultant |
Midwife |  Physiotherapist |

Kristiane is a physiotherapist with over 30 years experience and developed a strong interest in supporting women and families with her Physiotherapy and CranioSacral Therapy Services. 

This interest prompted her first to become a doula 9 years ago, become a midwife 7 years ago and to complete her maternity journey and marry her Physiotherapy interest (in biomechanics) and Maternity interests and became a Lactation Consultant 3 years ago. 


Kristiane has been working in Maternity at Canterbury in various models of women-centred care and in the community (Midwifery at Home) for the last 7 years and is currently employed as one of RPA’s Lactation Consultants.

Kristiane is  still working across the district across Sydney Local Health District in Lactation and Midwifery at Home.

Kristiane has been running a successful Physiotherapy practice for the last 20yrs and will continue to see clients for her specialty experience in CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation.

Areas of Expertise

Lactation Consultant | Midwife |  Physiotherapist |
  • Lactation Consultancy

  • CranioSacral Therapy Infant/children/adults

  • SomatoEmotional Release

  • Visceral (organ) Manipulation

  • Antenatal Physiotherapy

  • Postnatal Physiotherapy 

  • Pregnancy Massage


Ring Kristiane to arrange appointment outside of booking availability



Available at

29 Copeland Street 

NSW, 2015

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